PolyMatte™ gray filament

PolyMatte™ gray filament


Print your headphone in a beautiful new material: PolyMatte™. China-based 3D printing filament maker Polymaker initially developed PolyMatte under the brand name PolyWood - to serve as an alternative to filaments containing tiny wood particles. Unlike real wood filaments, PolyMatte is easy to print with as there are no wood particles that can get burned and clog up your nozzle. Tiny air bubbles in the Polymatte filament give printed parts a premium matte surface finish.

Print+ has formed a partnership with Polymaker for the market introduction of PolyMatte in three colors (more to come).

Starting out, PolyMatte filament is  available in the following colors:

  • black
  • gray
  • wood-like (formerly know as PolyWood)

PolyMatte filament is available in diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

A spool of PolyMatte contains about 90 meters of filament with a net weight of 600gram (PolyMatte filament is lighter than regular filaments due to air bubbles in the filament)

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