Build your own  headphone in nearly endless combinations 


How print+ works

A fun and easy way to make your own 3D printed headphone

1. Download

Get 3D files + instructions from www.print.plus

2. Print

3D print parts (yourself) locally or order through www.print.plus

3. Assemble 

Follow the instructions to assemble your headphone

4. Enjoy

Enjoy your self-made print+ headphone



Print+ DIY headphone kits come with speakers, remote control,  cables, cushions and headband. All that needs to be added are 3D printed plastic parts. 



Two 40mm speaker drivers offer a great listening experience. Pushbutton style connectors connect the left and right speakers using a thin cable that is guided through the frame. The protective cover ensures the speakers aren't damaged during assembly. 



Answer a phone-call. Skip a song. Make a voice recording. Ask your voice assistant a question. All is possible with the single button remote with microphone that comes with every DIY headphone kit. Remote is universal and works with iPhone and Android devices.


Audio cable

Each print+ DIY headphone kit includes a custom manufactured audio cable & remote cable. Both cables are made from TPU material and feature male-male 4 pole 3.5mm audio jacks. Audio cable length is 124cm. Remote cable length is 17cm and connects the inline remote with the headphone. Audio cables are available in 21 colors.  



A soft foam headband ensures the headphone is comfortable to wear. Headbands are available in 21 colors + black leather. 



A pair of soft cushions ensure the headphone is comfortable to wear. Cushions are available in 21 colors + black leather. 


Designed to be printed by desktop 3D printers

Print+ DIY headphones have been designed with FDM type desktop printers in mind. The parts are easy to print and need only the minimum amount of support. 


Create your style 

With components in 20+ colors, the availability of different 3D designs and a large number of 3D print materials it has never been easier to build a custom headphone.