We believe in products you can build, upgrade & repair yourself.


Have you ever thrown away a pair of headphones? Were they completely written off? Or was only a small part of them broken? Maybe just a cable failure? Or was the frame broken in two? And then? You wanted to go to the store where you got your headphones to get them fixed? Or to a place that could repair your headphones? Right. In reality there are no such places, or at least, not many. Products are made to be 'consumed' for a few years and then to be thrown away. Often the products are even designed and assembled in such a way that it is nearly impossible to repair them.

Your (partly) broken headphones likely ended up in the trash and you got a new pair. What if you could just buy a new cable to replace that broken cable? Or print a new frame to replace the one that broke in two? Or, in the future, replace the cables alltogether and upgrade your existing headphone so it will become wireless? The above is one of the core ideas that lead to print+.

We develop DIY kits that enable you to make your own products. Large portions of (y)our products you can even be 3D printed locally. Print+ DIY headphones can be take apart again after assembly. And because you assembled your headphones yourself, you can take them apart yourself. We design our products (dis)assembly is simple to do. So in the case something breaks or wears out - you can order spare components and/or 3D print spare parts to repair your headphones. 

Are we there with print+? Not yet. Print+ DIY products in their current shape and form, while modular & repairable, do not live up to our own standard and dreams. Most of our components are produced in China and 3D printed plastics are not yet being recycled on a large scale.

By making our products completely modular, repairable and for a large part produced locally we do think we make a step in the right direction. This way we gain insight that will help to further improve on our vision on how products are made, distributed and used. Maybe we will even inspire others in the process. The print+ DIY headphones kits are just the beginning, there will be more print+ DIY kits in the future.